What would another possible world look like?

Whilst I was at  the World Social Forum, I did some interviews with CAFOD´s overseas partners on what they felt were the pressing needs for change and their visions for a just world.  By chance (as I didn´t know they were there but just bumped into them), they were an interesting mix of people with different backgrounds  from trade unions to environmental NGOs to faith-based community development organisations. They are now up on the CAFOD website at http://www.cafod.org.uk/news_and_events/features/another_world_is_possible


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  1. Roger C February 27, 2005 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    Hi Nick,
    great to see you looking soo relaxed and so well! The blog makes a really good read, and I’m pleased you’ve got out there safely and are enjoying yourself.
    If it helps its been snowing on and off here in the UK all day, enough to be cold and bleak and not quite enough to be fun! (Bill Bailey opens his new video in his usual upbeat manner by answering the question ‘Whats England got going for it’ with “Well, we have nectar points.”
    Interesting bit of blogging, and I found the part on picking up gay men amusing… I really must introduce you to my brother Roy sometime! Roy (39, straight, has nice car and own teeth) has also become something of a gay magnet, and all four (yes four) of the best men at his wedding just slipped in a mention of this in the speeches. Individually it was so understated and got everyone talking.
    Much to his new wifes amusement and almost inevitably, they arrived in Sydney on honeymoon during the gay olympics…
    Southern hemispere sounds great at this time of year – Enjoy!
    Roger C

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