What if Evo wins?

By Published On: December 16, 2005Categories: Politics0 Comments on What if Evo wins?

The big hype, especially in the US press, is that an indigenous leftist and coca-grower Evo Morales will soon become President.

Papers like the Miami Herald seem to be implying that Bolivia will soon be a narco-communist dictatorship and I will be forced to spend my days singing songs to a glorious leader, snorting cocaine as a national duty, and burning American flags at least once a week.  Fustrated with the coverage, I decided to interview some folk and write a piece for Open Democracy. There is a longer version of it on uncapitalist journal.

Today, I also got interviewed by a Los Angeles community radio Station (KPFK Pacifica radio). My radio technique seems to have gone to pot since the days I worked in Jubilee 2000 – far too many ums and stumbling over words – but enough excuses… if you want to hear my voice instead of read my words on the current situation in Bolivia, click here>>

The interview after mine on the web radio clip, coincidentally, includes one with my boss, Pablo Solón, who is at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Hong Kong leading a campaign to get the theme of water out of free trade agreements in order to stop a resource essential for life becoming yet another commodity.


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