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Walking into town

Click on the photo for a mini slideshow of my new life in a village just outside Cochabamba



  1. Earl M. March 30, 2007 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Great view.I liked the adobe wall with the straw showing through. My son builds straw bale homes, and has become known in Spain and Canada for his exceptional work with Adobe, bringing it all to a high art. He burnishes the floors and treats everything with a special formula of vegetable based oils to make them last and for the outside to be weather proof. He does photovoltaic instalations too. My ex has been off grid for years.
    I’m living in the Nevada desert and I appreciate green where ever I can get it. I was a bit surprised to see the hills of Tortokawa. It reminds me of so much of Belize after the brits harvested the Mahogany.( I had an uncle who was a missionary in Equador and later in Belize, a career from 1956 to about 1974 or so.) Come to think of it now, there are all kinds of reasons for my interest. One of the books that really did it for me was by an englishman named Dr. Paul Brunton.He wrote about the ancient tunnels under the andean cordilera and how the headwaters of all the great rivers were diverted out onto the Atacama desert, and the Amazon Basin was made into a temperate paradise. I still think that many of the technical answers to our present day dilemas lie burried in the jungles, and the lights are still left on for us…. At least if we could all once again develop a healthy attitude and respect for life.I know there are those who are guardians to the lost places. They will know when it is time!

  2. Andy April 2, 2007 at 3:40 pm - Reply

    Hi Nick, lovely photos, rich colours, beautiful light. I can make SE London look like that, but only with Photoshop. I hope you’ll soon include on your blog an essay reflecting on the transition from urban to village life. Are you feeling isolated? Or loving it? See you in London… Andy

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