Time of triumphs and change

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"Today a new year starts for the indigenous peoples of the world, a new life in which we look for equality and justice for all the peoples of the world, from here in Tiwanaku, from here in La Paz, Bolivia…"

"…We have the obligation and the task to build awareness in the whole world that the majority, the poor of the world can lead their country in order to change the economic situation and to show that the poor also have the right to govern, that in Bolivia the indigenous peoples also have a right to be Presidents. "

Evo Morales speaking after being blessed in an Aymaran ritual at the sacred temple of Tiwanaku in Bolivia on 21 January 2006. Click on any image to see full set of photos


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  1. lindsay January 24, 2006 at 8:13 am - Reply

    nick, those are fabulous photos. You really know where the parties are don{tchya?
    how{d you get the shots from above the streets in la paz? don{t tell me you climbed one of those electric poles tangled with live-wires. yikes.
    my fave is Cptn. Bolivia. What a stud!

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