Strongest storm to victory

By Published On: July 17, 2005Categories: Sports0 Comments on Strongest storm to victory

Today was the day of the local derby, so I decided to stake my decision on which local team to support on the result. Bolivar were favourites, only points away from winning the league, but Strongest had won the last encounter.

It was destined to be a close and tense match. News of my pending decision in the national press could only have added pressure and tension to the match.

I got to the stadium minutes before kick-off and paid up my two quid to get one of the better seats – close to where I had watched Bolivia play Argentina. On one side was a wall of blue, marking the stands of Bolivar, the celestes. "Bolivarista since I was an egg" was my favourite. On the other side, the sea of yellow and black, the colours of Strongest, the tigers. Their banners were less good but they had better fireworks. 

My neighbour assured me that Bolivar would be my future team as they were bound to win. And it looked like he was right as they proceeded to dominate the first half forcing a goal in the first 20 minutes. The Bolivaristas chants got louder and louder as they celebrated a certain victory.

But something must have happened in half-time. Perhaps an exceptionally good coca tea perked up the Tigers. Because suddenly Strongest were definitely, well the "stronger" team. Forced onto the back foot, Bolivar conceded an excellent free kick. Then seven minutes before full-time, a header sailed past the Bolivar keeper. Half the stadium erupted into "¡Vive!¡vive!" which continued until the final whistle blew.

So I am now a Strongista. Quite suitable really as their colours are very similar to the best of all British teams, Wolverhampton Wanderers although sadly when I mention their name here, it receives a very puzzled look. I protest that they were in the premiership not so long ago, but usually get the response, "Do you like Manchester United?"


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