State of Power – Energy and Transition

When I first proposed the idea to TNI of putting together an annual encyclopedia of power in 2012, I didn’t imagine I would be its editor 12 years later and that it would remain one of our biggest and most popular reports. The inspiration to me came from TNI’s president, scholar-activist Susan George, who famously said “Study the rich and powerful not the poor and powerless: the poor already know what is wrong with their lives. If you really want to help you should give a better idea of who is keeping them where they are”

It’s been an honour to have the chance to dig in deep into some of the biggest issues of our time – finance, corporations, states, digitalisation – to work with some of the best thinkers and activists to get a bigger understanding of the dynamics of power and how we might resist and build alternatives. This year’s edition on energy is no different. A brilliant group of scholar-activists from around the world, exposing injustice in our current energy system, reflecting on resistance, and thinking through how to ensure our energy transition is a just one.


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