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OK, so can you spot the difference? Hey you are smart. But apparently not every North American can. Here’s a bizarre story from Bolivia that appeared in the papers today:

(AP, Dan Keane) American Held in Bolivia Tied to Embassy

An American woman with ties to the U.S. Embassy was detained at the La Paz airport for attempting to enter Bolivia with 500 rounds of .45-caliber ammunition, officials said Thursday. Donna Thi, 20, was taken into custody by Bolivian immigration officials Wednesday night.

…Thi initially declared to customs that she was carrying various types of cheese. Upon her referral to secondary inspection, Thi acknowledged that her luggage also contained five boxes of 100 bullets each, Zegarra said.

Actually now I come to think about it, there was something I forgot to declare. Next to that cheese are some bullets.

"We can confirm that an American citizen was detained," U.S. Embassy representative Denise Urs said in a statement released Thursday. "There was an ignorance of the provisions of Bolivian customs. The case is under investigation, and there are no charges currently filed."

Yep, that’s right. It’s easy to get confused nowadays about which countries’ customs allow you to import bullets and which don’t. Full story at

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