Pissing it down in Copacabana

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At the Copa, Copacabana,
The hottest spot north of Havana
At the Copa, Copacabana
Music and passion were always in fashion
At the Copa….they fell in love.

Well, here I am next to one of the most glamourous beaches in the world, Copacabana in Rio, and it’s completely pissing it down, everyone is wearing decidely unfashionable raincoats, and passion is being squelched into the grey pavement .  I realise that there could easily be a tendency in blogs to just rave about all the great things that I am getting up to. And given my tendency to be positive about everything, I am likely to be worse than most people.

Perhaps there is almost an expectation that I should always be having a great time, and it is my duty to make people in England jealous. Since when you have seen a postcard of Rio in the rain, or had a letter from someone on what a miserable holiday they are having.

Well this is a good antidote. After all, I am not Barry Manilow´s greatest fan.

My last 2 days have involved getting a 24 hour coach to Rio from Porto Alegre, which turned out to be 30. The airconditioning broke down just over half way, so that all the passengers gradually became stickier and smellier. On one side I had the world’s most annoying snorer (the irregular, start, stop, sudden snort variety – worst than me obviously) and in front a couple who were going for the world record snog on a bus (the slurping variety). Got to Rio and went out to see one of the famous blocos (district samba bands) which was fun for a while but playing the same tune for 3 hours in a packed heaving crowd does get wearing, and I decided to stop pretending I was enjoying it and headed home.

Then I got up this morning to get the train up to the famous Jesus statue in Corcavado, famous for its views to find that at the top I could barely make out the statue, let alone see anything of Rio. Then it was down to Copacabana to find neither a beach or beautiful girls because everyone is huddling on the sidewalk to escape the driving rain……

Still, despite everything (and because I find it hard to be negative for long), I have to say I love Rio. It has an eclectic mix of colonial and modern bustling houses and tower blocks spread out with almost disregard for the landscape which is made up of steep hills, lakes and sea. I have been lucky enough to stay with a lovely Brazilian lass, Maria Emilia, who put me up in her flat in the lovely district of Santa Teresa and introduced me to the carnival blocos. Pretty amazing hospitality given that she is a colleague of a friend of friend of mine. 

With a bit more time, I could get very used to Brazil. Unlike London, people even talk to you on the Underground. I have not been away long enough to prevent myself looking at them as if they were completely mad.


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  1. Ivor February 10, 2005 at 1:41 am - Reply

    Dear Nick,
    Greetings from all of us.
    We are preparing for the farewell celebrations on the 16th of April. We are having three events. The morning Eucharist with Bishop Tom as celebrant and the afternoon tea with entertainment and a evening programme.
    The next day 17th we are having the Bishop of Chennai celebrating.
    The congregation are suffering from the loss of one of its faithful members, Jill Parker who died as a result of an accident falling down a stairs. Last Sunday Peter Wright’s uncle whom he visited each week died. Valeska died at 84 and so did another member of the congregation at 80.
    Vi has been in hospital and has just come out and she is better.
    Lost of people ask after you and we shall put up his lettter on the Notice board for the attention of the congregation.
    Helen Wolfson is keeping us uptodate with make poverty history campain and many of us are wearing white arm bands. Some of us went to hear Nelson Mandela who inaugurated make poverty history.
    Please keep us informed regularly. We have you in our thoughts and in our prayers and you are greatly valued.

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