Meaning of Candomble

By Published On: February 15, 2005Categories: Religion0 Comments on Meaning of Candomble

Crack, bang, crack

Rockets richochet off the Salvador night sky

Inside the ceremony begins

Skirts balloon and swirl.

Coiling like a snake, women shuffle forwards,

to the hypnotic beats of the drum.

Bell rings, drums sing, beats faster

Whirling, twisting, spiralling,

Invoking the spirits

Screams rent the air, breaking open

Faces droop, eyes veiled, muscles flicker

Bell rings, drums sing, beats faster

The spiralling trance goes on,

The blind dance with a look of knowing.

We creep out to return to quiet, unruffled, air-conditioned hotels.

"But what does it all mean?" says Pat. 


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