Learning to listen II

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I am reading a book transcribed from interviews with Don Policarpio Flores Apaza, an Amawt’a (a traditional Andean spiritual leader) whose knowledge and understanding of the cosmos, agriculture, medicines and living fully is much richer than you could get from any formal education. Maybe he has never even heard the words global warming, but his depth of listening doesn’t depend on reports by the International Panel on Climate Change.

"The ayllu (Andean community) is the meeting place of many people with a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood; the ayllu is also union with Pacha mama (mother earth), with the plants and animals, it therefore doesn’t depend on politics or religion, just a big heart. Our grandparents had a big heart and used to walk with a sure step because they talked with Pacha mama, with the stars, with the flowers, that’s why they didn’t make mistakes…

"But today Pacha mama is crying. The cars, airplanes are contaminating the earth and the air, are destroying the earth and if we don’t listen to the stars, the river, the mountains and all Pacha Mama’s messages, we will have nothing to eat. Even the birds are talking to us, the flowers, the insects, the plants. Today we have to listen to them."


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  1. Earl M. March 18, 2007 at 12:41 am - Reply

    Now you are talking! Using my own method, I firt got a direct respone from an Ayahuasca, Tabaquero medicine shaman in Peru. In other words, I made the inquiry and he immediatly knew that somebody was seeking him out, and he responded, and we talked.
    I will call up your friend, Don Policarpio Flores Apaza, too, as he sounds like a wonderful fellow traveler.
    I get tremendous satisfaction from spreading My wings!! I hope you will ask about this after a time.

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