International Women’s Day

By Published On: March 8, 2005Categories: Gender0 Comments on International Women’s Day

I was thinking about writing a piece about women today to mark International Women´s Day, but don´t feel I have talked to enough people or been here long enough to form much of an opinion about gender and machismo in Latin America.

Then I wandered down the road and found a small but vibrant group of women marching to drums and trumpets in front of the City Hall. It didn`t take long to work out that they were marking International Women´s Day with a noisy protest in the centre of Santa Cruz.

Their placards had a variety of demands, but the main one was a call for justice for Marcela and an end to impunity. One of the protestors told me that Marcela was raped by her father. Although he was arrested, he has remained free and continues to live in Santa Cruz five years later.


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