If we kiss, we can speak the same language

Am off to cross the border into Bolivia today and am feeling excited about finally getting to the country I plan to make my home for a while. To celebrate I went out to have my final caipirinhas in the small town of Caceres (Lime and a sugar cane rum cocktail which I have become quite attached to).

Whilst I was munching on some fish, I was beckoned over, this time not by gay men, but some women on the adjoining table. I joined them, and we tried not very successfully to communicate – partly because my portuguese is still pretty hopeless and partly because they were very wasted.

I eventually did understand one sentence from the woman next to me who provided useful accompanying sign language in the form of stroking of my knee: "If we kiss then we can speak the same language." I liked the sentence but decided to decline the offer of my last chance for a Brazilian romance. Oh well….


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  1. Nina March 6, 2005 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    Hehe, what a great line… must remember to use it when a suitable opportunity arises!

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