Home is where the fish is

Yes, finally after 6 months on the move, I have got a flat and a home. It’s bang in the centre of town, on the 8th floor of a big "edificio,"  has a comfy sofa-bed for visitors (make your booking now!) plus I have got great views of La Paz from my bedroom window.

It was wonderful to properly unpack for the first time in ages and put away my rucksack in an obscure cupboard, although not so great to find nothing to spread jam on my bread this morning as it is devoid of any equipment whatsoever in the kitchen.

The address is: Dpto 8G, Torre Granada, Edificio Alcazar, Calle Frederico Suazo, esq. Batallón Colorados, La Paz, Bolivia. So feel free to send all those books, CDS, parcels of French cheese and stylish kitchen equipment that you have been saving up to send me.

To celebrate, I went today with my flatmate (a Cochabambina called Cecilia who also works at Fundación Solón) to the El Alto "fish" festival. As you can imagine, it was quite an easy festival to find (we just followed the smell) and soon found ourselves in the equivalent of a car-park crammed with stalls selling different types of fish.

I made a valiant effort to try lots of different types whilst enjoying listening and watching the Bolivian folk-bands as they danced across a sea of fish-heads and bones.


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  1. Miguel July 4, 2005 at 2:47 pm - Reply

    Congrats on your new place. It sounds cool and confi.
    Boy, you are central. Right on the street you have the Japanese club, a bit of waling towards el Prado, you have a very good Argentinean meat restaurant and in the corner of Batallon Colorados and Plaza del Estudiante you have the best roasted chicken snack. But, wait, I hope everything is still there. That roasted chicken place was my dinner place.
    Fish, in La Paz? Wow, I guess it has changed a bit, since I walked on those streets.
    Any way, keep having a good time.

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