Heading west

By Published On: February 21, 2005Categories: Travel0 Comments on Heading west

Over the three weeks I have been heading North along the coast up to Recife and Olinda, a total of 3900 kilometres or 76 hours on a bus (a bit of travellaah bravado). But it was time to start heading to Bolivia, so I have just made the achingly long bus journey to Brasilia (39 hours) in the heart of Brazil – a capital city that didn’t exist 50 years ago. Every time, I mentioned that I was going to Brasilia to any Brazilian, I could guarantee that they would say in disbelief: "Why? Why are you going there?"

Daniela – a friend of my former flatmate, who lives here, met me at the bus station, and told me she loves it. I have hardly arrived so will save my verdict….

Just one thing, while I remember. I have the luxury of blogging, but for some people it can lead to arrests. If you have time, visit this site and join a campaign to release two Iranian bloggers. They have declared 22 February as an International day to campaign for their release.


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