Freelance work wanted!

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It’s time to stop the death slide that is my savings account. Perhaps you are the one who can help me!

Since I have arrived in Latin America, I have been doing bits of freelance work to try and earn enough to live here. At the moment alongside my voluntary work for Fundacíon Solon, I put aside one day a week to tout myself and write but can also take out more time when needed.

So far I have have done an eclectic mix of writing and photography reports for Christian Aid, website strategy advice for a publishers on "after death experiences" in Australia, film location-spotting for a TV documentary on Information and Communications Technology as well as interviews with hip-hop musicians for a youth magazine.

However for the next few months, there isn’t much lined up. So if you need any help or know someone who does, then I would be grateful for the work.

My specific skills are:

  • Writing/editing and photography (for magazines or the web)
  • Developing communication strategies for organisations with a focus on new media
  • Training in writing for print or web
  • Research and campaigning on sustainable development
  • Accompanying researchers and translating interviews and/or translating articles from Spanish into English (this is an emerging skill which was limited 6 months ago but I am getting pretty proficient at it now)

If you know anyone who could use these skills please let me know. Thanks!

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