City lights

By Published On: February 13, 2007Categories: Living in Bolivia1 Comment on City lights

The clouds cling to the edges of the surrounding hills
disinclined to descend, smudging the horizon.
La Paz feels coddled in misty wool.
My flatmate hums in the shower
A man on a roof below intently examines a plant.
The muffled shouts of army boys training
and the steady whir of traffic
mingles into my dense cup of coffee

The sun lets himself in through the windows
and lounges amiably across the off-white sofa
The house plants make room, rustling leaves.
The reddish-brown hued hills ripple with shadows and light
A cat wanders nonchalantly along a tiled roof.
The sounds of a child’s laugh
blends in with the tinkled notes of the Monk.

A soft falling of rain feels like company
filling the atmosphere with a comforting pitter-patter
The cascade of gold and silver lights
stream out along the coffee-black hills
A light goes on in a nearby tower-block
A dog barks half-heartedly
I stand in the dark, listening,
pensive amongst the city lights.


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  1. maria April 16, 2007 at 11:47 am - Reply

    I am from colombia, and am doing a project that consists of creating a website. I am doing about the problems of the environment and possible solutions. May I please use the photo of deforestation???
    Thank You,

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