Border Wars

By Published On: January 20, 2019Categories: Borders, Secure & Dispossessed book0 Comments on Border Wars

It is clear in recent years that demonisation of migrants and  border militarisation has become the totem policy for mobilising political support by reactionary parties. And in the context of climate disruption, it could easily become the default policy for dealing with climate change. Yet the infrastructure and policies of border militarisation were not built by the Trump’s and Johnson’s or Orban’s of the day, but rather the Clinton’s and Blair’s of yesterday. The reason in part is that military and security firms have successfully lobbied for and framed migration as a security threat for which they provided the technologies. I felt it was critical to follow the money and to map out the infrastructure, actors, and policies that have created a hostile environment for migrants everywhere, so helped initiate a project at Transnational Institute called ‘Border Wars’ to turn a spotlight on those profiting from today’s deadly anti-migrant policies.



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