Bolivia gifts

By Published On: December 10, 2005Categories: Poverty0 Comments on Bolivia gifts

Are you fed up with consumerist Christmases? Do even the fashionable alternatives of buying a goat or a worm farm bore you? Then I have just the option for you – Bolivia gifts!!  Give knowing that the money will be delivered by hand to projects and programmes that Nick has visited and been impressed by…But seriously, it crossed my mind that some people might have a bit of spare Christmas cash and might want to direct it towards Bolivia. Any money I get will be divided between four projects:

  1. The families fighting for justice for 67 people who were killed by the Government in protests for nationalisation of gas in October 2003.
  2. A small clinic in El Alto, where the 26 year old doctor works voluntarily coping with high levels of illnesses caused by poverty and lack of access to clean drinking water and basic services.
  3. A project by the El Alto Residents’ Association (FEJUVE) distributing Christmas gifts to children and families in El Alto during December.
  4. A refuge in Cochabamba where women go to escape domestic violence and recover from the trauma and start to rebuild belief in themselves.


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