Changing lives

September 5, 2008|

A boy weaves down a road bordered with neat gardens and pitches a newspaper onto the front lawn of a house. There is a sound of a click and the [...]

Andean blessing

September 4, 2008|

Click on the photo for a gallery of images from an Andean blessing that we organised by Lake Titicaca in our last weeks in Bolivia to celebrate friendship, our commitment [...]


August 30, 2008|

Click on the photo for a gallery of images from our wedding in Britain on 5 July.

Colonial backlash

May 28, 2008|

Through the grainy print, I could just make out three men in suits and hats haughtily bristling their guns. At their feet were a line of indigenous men and women [...]

A day in the country life…

May 12, 2008|

My blog hasn’t really caught up with my personal life and some imminent changes afoot, which I will blog about soon.. But this piece has been floating around a little [...]

May 4th referendum

May 6, 2008|

Just imagine if Cornwall decided that it had had enough of Gordon Brown, decided to write its own constitution declaring it had right to control exports and negotiate international treaties [...]

Debt chapter arrives

April 24, 2008|

It has taken forever, but finally my chapter examining the politics of debt in Bolivia has been published in spanish. You can download it here (PDF, 464KB) or read more [...]

Shock doctrine

April 10, 2008|

Bolivia is a good setting for reading Naomi Klein's latest book "Shock doctrine." Not just because Bolivia features in it as one of the model countries where the Chicago school [...]

Crude reflections

April 4, 2008|

I have had the following piece published in the April/May edition of Red Pepper (buy now in all good bookshops and newsagents!). The piece focuses on the different visions of [...]

Potato harvest

March 27, 2008|

On Easter day, we joined a friend Calixto and his wife Encarnación to help harvest potatoes on his land in El Alto. In a dry barren neighbourhood, we firstly shared [...]

Coca is not a drug

March 13, 2008|

My partner Juliette has produced a great short programme for Free Speech Radio News on the UN call on Bolivia to ban coca. Click here to listen 

Colonialism in the UN

March 5, 2008|

“A special reference must be made to another well-known doctor in Cuzco who was most sincerely convinced that coca-chewing was disastrous to the Indian…. He explained the habit in the [...]


March 4, 2008|

W-I-G-G-L-E-S-W-O-R-T-H. “So how do you say this?” said the man eagerly as he pointed to the scrawl on his napkin. He repeated carefully back to me: “Wiggalswort.” Curiosity got the [...]

Coup against democracy?

March 3, 2008|

“These leaders who want to change our way of life and don’t thank the cruceño people… they should go, what are they doing here.” Vice President of Santa Cruz civic [...]

Salsa of the mind

February 29, 2008|

"Chair!!!""Me!!!""Chair!!!"On each shout from Ariel, I would spin trying to keep the salsa beat. As he walked further and further around, I occasionally cheated by spinning the shorter distance. "Mierda" [...]

Real communication

February 20, 2008|

I found this quote on a wall in the dilapidated headquarters of the indigenous federation CONAIE in Ecuador. It speaks to me about the importance of rooting our communication in [...]

Hiphop struggle

February 20, 2008|

To give you some idea of Aymaran hiphop. I interviewed the band in the video a couple of years ago. Video spotted on upsidedownworld


January 29, 2008|

My legs ache for space, my backside throbs dully. I twist again and try and imagine I am vertical as my head props up awkwardly against a stiff headrest. Why [...]

Constituting change in Bolivia

January 23, 2008|

I have had the following analysis published on TNI, but have copied it here as well. Adolfo Chavez’s determined voice rang out across thousands of people gathered in the central [...]

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