The Secure and the Dispossessed Book Trailer

February 20, 2016| In this short video, Nick Buxton, co-editor of ‘The Secure and the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations are Shaping a Climate-Changed World’, discusses the themes of his new [...]

London book launch

December 11, 2015|

On 25 November 2015, we had a great book launch and debate at the Free Word Centre. You can listen to it live here! Speakers at this event included: Ryvka [...]

Talk: Durban to Davis

July 3, 2012|

Below is a recording of a talk I gave in Davis on the importance of local action in the context of international failure to tackle climate change.  

Three saluted as Davis Eco Heroes

October 10, 2010|

This was published in my local newspaper based on some interviews with three inspiring local figures Reduce, reuse and recycle. Not only is that the mantra for the environmental movement, [...]

UN undermined by G20

June 29, 2009|

Here is a blog I wrote for the San Francisco Bay Guardian after attending the UN Conference on the Global Economic Crisis in New York last week….Maybe I was being [...]

Piracy and the digital revolution

March 26, 2009|

I have written the following piece for Red Pepper and the Networked Politics project of the Transnational Institute. The latest on the trial which the article covers can be seen [...]

Bolivia’s new constitution

February 6, 2009|

I have had the following piece published for TNI on the approval of Bolivia's new constitution. The photo is by Ben Dangl of upsidedownworld which has some good coverage of [...]

Water birth

October 28, 2008|

I am happy to announce the safe arrival of Sumaya Elyse Buxton, born on 18 October 2008. Click on the photo for a gallery of some images. Below are some [...]

Peace returns but issues unresolved

September 19, 2008|

I don't have much time to blog right now, but recommend the following pieces for updates on what has happened recently: Reactionary rampage: the paramilitary massacre in Bolivia by Forrest [...]

Elite backlash

September 10, 2008|

What do you do if you are living in a country where a government looks like taking back thousands of acres of your land (most of which you stole but [...]

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