Cache Creek at the a crossroads

December 22, 2021|

By Juliette Beck This morning beginning at 8:30AM the Yolo County Planning Commission is holding a public hearing on a proposed gravel mining project along lower Cache Creek, located three [...]

COVID Capitalism Webinar series

July 29, 2020|

As the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the world in early 2020, I initiated and coordinated a series of webinars with leading activists and thinkers from around the world to analyse its [...]

Exposing the Davos Agenda

December 19, 2019|

Emerging from my long work on State of Power (nine editions so far), I have also been supporting TNI's corporate power team to put a spotlight on Davos and particularly [...]

Davis Climate Strike

September 30, 2019|

I supported the amazing youth in Davis who brought out an unprecedented 1000 on the global climate strike on September 20 2019. Here is a video I put together with [...]

Border Wars

January 20, 2019|

It is clear in recent years that demonisation of migrants and  border militarisation has become the totem policy for mobilising political support by reactionary parties. And in the context of [...]

Cambio Climático S.A.

June 22, 2017| Gracias a los esfuerzos del equipo de FUHEM Ecosocial, una alucinante instituto en Madrid, el libro Secure and Dispossessed está traducido a castellano. En Junio, tuve el privilegio de [...]

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