100th post

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This is my 100th post on the open veins blog. That’s a considerable amount of verbal diarrhoea. Generally more than once a week now for over 9 months, I have been throwing thoughts, stories and insights into my life and the life of an amazing country, Bolivia, into a public void.

I know I get about 30-40 visits a day but generally have no idea who you are except when I get a comment or two on the blog or via email. I address a space filled with friends from home, new virtual friends (Miguel to name just one) and the occasional lost stranger.

It’s a peculiar 21st Century habit to put what used to be reserved for private diaries and occasional letters out into a public global void. In some ways it seems arrogant to think your words deserve a public hearing, but at other times it has helped me feel connected with a community of people concerned for Bolivia or intertwined with my life in some way.

I have really enjoyed the experience because it has given me a chance to be curious while I am here, to listen more carefully to people and their stories. The discipline of writing has enabled me to have time to think about what I am seeing and try to interpret it. I hope also it has given you an insight into my life and Bolivia in general.

To celebrate, I have put a poll up for you to finally have your say. On a more serious note, if there are things you would like me to write about or if you have any other comments and suggestions please let me know. Thanks for visiting!


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