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April 24, 2007



Hi Nick.

I've enjoyed your blog since its first days. You write less often now. I suspect you've been distracted by lurv, and that's okay. Congratulations. I am intrigued, and frustrated, when you mention that "we have already disturbingly seen evidence of violence in our neighbourhood, particularly against women". Can we hear more about that? I am happy to hear about the shimmering dawn, but I also feel the need to hear the whole story. Is there an element of self-censorship going on? I sense that you want the Bolivian government to succeed, and I share that ambition, but it's important to report the whole truth about the new Bolivia. Remember the Soviet Union, whose sympathisers never reported the truth about what was happening under Stalin's regime, and so the world was shocked when the truth finally emerged and disappointed when Communism turned out to be a sham. We're looking forward to seeing you in London...

Nick Buxton

Hi Andy, unfortunately I couldnt go into the violence in details because it happened to people I know and I felt uncomfortable about going public. So yes it was self-censorship but nothing to do with the Bolivian Government but a strong patriarchal and uprooted society especially in areas which are urban peripheries. Don't worry, there is no communist system emerging here, but a flawed government with good and bad dealing with centuries of colonialism and neoliberal policies that failed the majority. You are right that I am sympathetic but also critical of some aspects. I have written about that before and no doubt will again soon.

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