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August 29, 2006



I am Carlos, a friend of Marioly. You have interesting points of view. Now I am living in London for 5 months, before coming here I was living in Cochabamba as well. Here I have found a lot of differences with Bolivians rather than similarities. One of them it's the difficulties to socialize with people. I have found very cold and distant looks in the eyes of the people here... Everyone is so individualist that really scares me... I would like to share my thoughts with you but it will take a long chat... Thanks for writing about the wedding of Julian and Marioly, two of the nicest persons I have met...


i like youre viewpoints on bolivia.
It seems to me that you are doing the right thing: instead of observing bolivian reality you are trying to "live it". You are completely right uppermiddle classes are similar in many parts of the world. nonetheless bolivia is just another universe. London and Lapaz have only one thing in common: miserable grey weather!


It was really great to catch up with you, during the Nick Buxton 'Blighty' tour 2006. I have been catching up on your blog this evening, and enjoyed some quiet reading through your perspectives on life, always stimulating! Although I did notice you didn't mention whether you heard the comb woman playing by Brixton underground? ... More power to everything you do!

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