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September 10, 2008



Are you an American expat who hates America and sees CIA/Blackwater plots everywhere?

Nick Buxton

No, I am afraid I can't fit in that box of yours. Are you someone who thinks that opposing the US administration is the same as hating America? Or perhaps someone who has never read any history books which examines US involvement in Latin America?


Thank you for your insightful article. Do you know in what way large land holdings will be broken up and what weight this carries in comparison to the other changes the constitutional referendum will bring about? Also, do you think people are organising more along lines of regional identity than ethnicity or class? Thanks again.

Stuart Munckton

International online statement supporting Bolivian democracy


Nick Buxton

Kaylen, one of the votes prior to approving the constitution will be whether to impose limits to the land you can hold to 5,000 or 10,000 hectares. Either way, there are a number of landowners with extensions of more than 100,000 so this would be a huge loss for them, so not surprisingly they are the most aggressive in opposing the referendum. In terms of organising, I think the fact that Evo won 67% of the vote recently including in much of the east of the country shows that class has been a stronger pull, but Bolivia also is a country with strong regional sentiments which elites have undoubtedly used well to gain popular support for their autonomy plans.

Earl M.

Hey, I bet the ambassador is a friend of John Mc Cain too.
If Evo is not going to permit the firing upon the student rebels, I think he, at the very least should arm his people with cameras
so they can gather some serious photo evidence on these thugs, and build up all the evidence they may need. Sooner or later, they must be made to know that they will be held accountable by the Legitimate government of Bolivia. There need be no rush to judgement, but the families of those who have lost loved ones have to believe that justice will be served in the long run. They have my condolences.
I am reminded the wisdom of the saying, "You become that which you hate." So it is not good to escalate the horrors, but neither is it of any advantage to allow lawlessness to run rampant, and lawlessness is what we are talking about here.There are a lot more players than just the U.S. Ambassador who need to be declared Persona Non Grata. I'd be looking to freeze some bank accounts or something, until these people have compensated the state and the people for the dammages done.
You can see I really don't like the Just- us, and Just- ice for everybody else mentality. Can't we all just get along? Any time you get people in there who think they are superior to everybody else, there will be trouble. It looks to me like the Europeans who came into the western lands came only as foreign occupiers, and some never did assimilate into the prevaling cultures,to exploit the people and their land, and movements such as what we are witnessing with MAS is exactly what is needed to correct the course of history and create a sustainable future. When all the oil and gas and trees and minable minerals are used up and gone,the real common denominator will be a terrible tyrant on everybody, but while these benefits still exist, they must be used to benefit the whole people, not just a few.
I know the roots of the word indiginous, and therefore I will not use it, as it is an insult to them, and I keep seeing posts that still seem to reflect the sentiment that somebody looks at the people as ignorant savages, and perhaps some of them see themselves this way too, but allowing everyone the opportunity to get a good basic education is something these rich right types aught to be supportive of, and arming students and turning them into terrorists just don't fit my definition of good or basic. They deserve the big shame on you!!!!

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