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September 05, 2008



Thanks. What a 3 years in Bolivia!

Earl M.

Well, it was about time for you two to fess up and tell us what was going on behind the scenes!
And to top it off, your'e now living just one state away from me!
I will try to say something about this too, in the by and by, but right now, I'm still quite interested in the Bolivian experiment, which seems to be one of "how do we shake off the yoke of the ultra right wing radicals." I don't think anybody really brings out the point of explaining who or what they are, where they came from, and what they brought with them. It may be unfair to apply a blanket condemnation on these people who are opposed to MAS, and Evo, but it is necessary to mention the fact that while Germany itself lost to the Allied forces, considerable numbers of SS oficers, Scientists and other types did manage to excape from the ashes and reconstitute and re insinuate themselves in places where they could quietly carry on with their plans. Thanks to Project Paperclip, you are now living in another one of the host countries, but so was Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay,Chile, oh and Bolivia!
From just one source, Noam Chomski, in "Secrets, Lies and Democracy" We see that Klaus Barbie was initially brought here from France, where he was known as the "Butcher of Lyons". He was put back to work by U.S. intelligence.He was an expert in attacking left wing resistance fighters, and was hired to do the same thing for us. Eventually this became a source of political embarasment, and it became impossible to shield or cover up this problem, so Barbie was escorted back to be secreted over to the Vatican run "Ratline" where Croation Nazi Priests and others, whisked him to Bolivia, where he became a big drug lord and narco-trafficer, and was involved in a military coup, all with U.S. support. You could say he was small potatoes by comparison with some of them.
So all i'm saying is that there is a dark legacy and a deep shadow hanging over a whole lot of history, and like the "Buffalo Springfield" song points out, "Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong".
I came across "Forum Sociale Mundial" when this came out of Rio, but then all of a sudden, it came out of Caracas, and Pakistan. It was taken over and some of it's original principles were wipped out of the program. And, well, as the Bush administration hangs on with the potential threat of impeachment and possible war crimes trials, he(Bush) decides Crawford, TX isn't big enough for him, He buys a nearly 100,000 acre "Farm" in northern Paraguay, which may very well have been owned by German "Immigrants".
I just don't think you went into Bolivia with your eyes wide open. It could have been very dangerous for you had you begun to make noise down there! It's all sad, real sad!.............E.


A moving post Nick - and thanks particularly for posting those two Goethe quotes, which I am now going to copy into my notebook to carry with me as a constant reminder to trust that the right things will happen.

meg robinson

Well ,guess I'm faithful reader number 11 and after so long without a word from you I'm delighted to see the pics and read your personal news. Was very concerned something had happened to you both.

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