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I'm a 39 year old communications consultant based in Davis, California.


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I am a 36 year old who moved to Latin America in January 2005 after 8 years in London, with no clear plans of what exactly I would do, but tugged by a restless desire to escape the big city, a growing love for things 'latin,' the desire to see the world from the perspective of those without power and influence and to make sure I don't become staid and boring.

I spent two years working for Fundación Solón which was set up by a famous muralist, Walter Solon who used paintings to express desires of popular movements against dictators and injustice in Bolivia. It continues to use art and other popular communications to talk about the issues that affect Bolivia. I continue to work with the Fundación in particular focusing on trade agreements but also now work for the Transnational Institute assisting in their communications team.

I currently live with my wife and new baby in California.

Contact details

Work tel: +1 (530) 758 8952
Mobile: + 1 (530) 902 3772
Email: See top left of this page

Freelance work

I am available for freelance work

My specific skills are:

  • Writing and photography (for magazines or the web)

  • Developing communication strategies for organisations with a focus on new media

  • Training in writing for print or web

  • Capacity building on advocacy strategies

  • Research and campaigning on sustainable development

  • Setting up, accompanying and translating for trips by journalists or film crews

If you require any of these skills or know someone who does, then please let me know.

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I am passionate about fighting injustice whether it is local or international and have been active in lots of campaigns in the UK. I was the Communications Manager at Jubilee 2000 (the international movement to cancel debt) for almost five years which was an incredible experience- putting me in touch with inspiring people both across the UK and the world.

Up to December 2004, I was Online Communications Manager at CAFOD (the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) which enabled me to explore the power of the Internet in giving voice to people and issues which are rarely heard in the international media.

In my spare time, I love discovering surprising places, going to wierd theatrical events, heading out into the mountains and spending hours over a good coffee with mates. I am inspired by my Christian faith, despite the fact that most official churches put me off. I have been actively involved in an unusual open and welcoming church called All Saints in South London which has a strong focus on multiculturalism and interfaith understanding, and has been a real family to me.

Some relevant links to my life:

Article on campaigning on the Internet

Article on a visit to Rwanda with CAFOD

Book "Fighting for human rights" to which I contributed a chapter on civil society
>Download chapter (word)

Another book "Advocacy, activism and the Internet" to which I contributed a chapter with a case study of Jubilee 2000 and its use of the Internet for campaigning
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Something I did as part of my campaigning against the Iraq war not that it did much good in stopping the war but i couldn't stand back and do nothing.


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